New Look At The Justice League Surfaces Online (Low-Res)

UPDATE: The image has been updated in HD! Check it out:

The article proceeds as originally posted…

2017 is upon us which means we’re a few months away from seeing some of the most popular DC heroes ever on screen. However, even though Wonder Woman is set to release before Justice League, the hype for the Super Seven’s big screen debut is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

While the world waits for a new Justice League trailer, a new look at the team appears to have been released online. The quality is really low, but you can clearly see Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Auqaman, & Cyborg. Check out the full image below!

Even with the low quality, it looks like the team is aboard the Flying Fox, Batman’s aerial home base of operations for the League.

Could this be a shot from the upcoming trailer, or just a promotional image yet to be officially released? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter @ComicDrops!

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