‘Young Justice’ Co-Creator On Pre-Existing LGBTQ Characters

In the hype coming from the announcement that Young Justice will finally be getting a new season, fans have been wondering just what the next season will be dealing with story wise, and character wise. Will there be a time jump? Will it start off right where it ended? How will the characters change? While we don’t have the answers for most of these questions, we do know that they have been talking about the characters. Young Justice has a lot going for it, including diversity, but it only lacks the inclusion of LGBTQ characters.

A fan asked co-creator Greg Weisman about the inclusion of LGBTQ characters on the show, and Weisman had a bit of a cryptic answer for them.

So if there are already LGBT characters in the show, it only brings up more questions to answer this season, Which character is he referring to? The Twitter argument that led to this tweet from Weisman was arguing about whether Impulse or Blue Beetle were bi or not. While I don’t think that the co-creator was referring to Impulse or Blue Beetle when he said that there are already LGBTQ characters in the show, that is still a possibility.

Impulse would make sense to me, but since one of the characters who are main members of Young Justice is gay in the comics, I’d think that it was that character. Kaldur, or Aqualad, is gay in the comics. If it were him in the show that is revealed to be gay in the show, I’d think that they’d do the ‘coming-out’ scenario for him, or possibly just show that in Kaldur’s world, it’s not seen as a crazy thing to love a boy or a girl. Either way, it could be anybody at this point, as we haven’t gotten any information.

We want to turn the question to you though. Who do you think is the character who is LGBTQ in the show? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or on Twitter or Instagram!