Mon-El’s Relationship With Supergirl To Be Explored This Season

This season of Supergirl has seen a surge of new fans jumping into the show, as compared to the complaints from last season. They have added a plethora of new characters, from Miss Martian to Mon-El, who seems to be Kara’s new love interest after the short attempt at a relationship with James Olsen. In the clip released from the “Supergirl Lives” midseason premiere directed by Kevin Smith, we see that they had a little fling.

Mon-El is arguably a bit underused so far in the show, as he has a little bit of a bigger role in the comics, but so far, his chemistry with Kara has been doing well for the show. We’ll be seeing more of them together, according to executive producer Ali Adler.

“We’ll explore more of that relationship… Kara still has to figure out how she feels about him.”

We also know that Mon-El is hiding something, and we’ll be finally finding out what that secret is this season. It could be something bad, so we’ll be also finding out what Kara will decide concerning her relationship with him soon.

“A lot of secrets have been brewing this season. We’ll get definitive answers.”

Brief but to the point, we’ll be seeing what the show will decide to do with Mon-El. While there are suspistions as to whether he will be a bad guy or not, that might not be the case, as he is traditionally a good guy in the comics. We shall see!

What do you think? DO you think that Mon-El will be bad? What secret is he keeping? Will this budding relationship with Kara last? Sound off in the comment section below!

Source: TV Line