Melissa Benoist Compares DCTV And DCEU Tones

As most of us know, the DC TV Universe and the DC Extended Universe are two different entities and not in the same continuity (to the chagrin of some fans). If you watch the shows and the movies, it’s pretty obvious the differences between the two. The DCTV universe as been expanding exponentially, as has its success with fans. It’s always interesting to see what the actors of these shows and movies think about the differences between the two, and Melissa Benoist, (Kara Danvers/Supergirl) threw in her two cents while promoting Patriots Day, a film about the Boston Bombing. When asked about the two universes and whether the tone from both would sync up at one point, she had this to say;

“I think so. Ezra Miller’s Flash is bringing humor and quirkiness, and the DC TV universe has had to grapple with some pretty dark, emotional storylines on “Arrow.” I do think it’s inevitable that we all start to reflect each other. But I do love how positive and uplifting “Supergirl’s” character is and I don’t think she will change too drastically from that, because in essence that’s just who she is.”

That’s an intresting way to put it. Ezra Miller’s Flash will no doubt be bringing a new sense of ‘fun’ into the DCEU, and maybe that will match them up tonally. Not that they need to. The benefit of having two universes more of less having characters and stories from the same place lead to different portrayals and versions of things, and that can be interesting to watch.

But we want to know what you think. Do you want them to match tonally? Sound off in the comment section below, or let us know on Twitter or Instagram!

Source: The Know