First Look Images For ‘Mute’ Reveal Paul Rudd And The Film’s Setting

Moon and World of Warcraft director, Duncan Jones has been hard at work bringing his sci-fi noir thriller, Mute to life. The story follows a mute bartender named Leo (played by Alexander Skarsgard) traveling to the city of Berlin’s neon, “Underbelly”, chasing after the love of his life who has vanished without a trace. Set in the year 2052, Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux will serve as a comedic duo of American surgeons, who are Leo’s only hope to solving the mystery. Mute is set to be a sequel to Jones’ 2009 film, Moon, as the second film in a proposed trilogy.

The film is set to debut later this year as a Netflix original, and earlier today they gave us our first look at the film. We have three images, and while a whole lot isn’t revealed (other than Rudd’s awesome facial hair), we do get a taste of the neon vibe, which is going to be a crucial element in the film’s entirety.

Check out the images below, and stay tuned for more updates regarding one of our most anticipated Netflix Originals!

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Source: Collider

Set in the near-future, Leo (Alexander Skarsgård) is a bartender living in the pulsing city of Berlin.  Because of a childhood accident, Leo lost the ability to speak and the only good thing in his life is his beautiful girlfriend Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh). When she vanishes without a trace, Leo’s search for her takes him deep into the city’s seedy underbelly.  A pair of wise-cracking American surgeons (Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux) are the only recurring clue and Leo is forced to take on this teeming underworld in order to find his love.

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