Armored Batman Hot Toy Review

Hot Toys figures are renowned for being incredibly accurate, but are unfortunately pricey. The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Sixth-Scale Armored Batman Figure is no exception. You can find it on most websites and in stores for approximately $250-300, which is a lot to invest in one figure. This review will help you decide whether or not to spend your hard-earned money on it.

This Hot Toy is visibly stunning. Each plate of armor is meticulously designed and colored, including tiny details like scratches and dents in the ‘metal’ of the armor. The coloring and shaping of each part of the figure is identical to that seen in the film. The figure underneath is well-shaped while giving the figure a sense of strength and power. The eyes are actually light up LEDs, which are turned on and off by a switch within the helmet. The overall appearance of the figure, as well as its nearly exact replication of the suit from the movie, is truly an amazing achievement by the Hot Toys team.

Appearance Grade: 10/10.

As with any Batman figure, this Hot Toy is not lacking in the accessory department. The figure comes with miniaturized versions of Batman’s Kryptonite grenades (one open, one closed), his grenade launcher, his heavy grappling gun, as well as eight interchangeable hands and two face plates. All of the gadgets, much like the rest of the suit, have a nearly flawless visible appearance and add to the overall enjoyment of the figure. A Batman v. Superman themed figure stand comes with it as well, which is a nice display touch.

Accessories Grade: 10/10

Nobody expected this figure to have great articulation, as the amount of armor applied to the figure prevents the joints from fully moving. The legs bend alright enough, but the torso and arms lack proper articulation. The shoulders do not bend outward, and the elbows can only bend about half as much as your average figure. The mobility in the head is pretty good, as the figure can look in almost all directions fairly easily. However, as I said before, the poor articulation is a result of the design of the armor, and therefore, the figure cannot be penalized too much for it.

Articulation Grade: 8/10

Here’s where the figure runs into a lot of problems, at least for me. The biggest design flaw, by far, is the interchangeability of the hands. The cuffs of the arms are rigid, which looks great initially, but the hand cannot actually be attached to the wrist as a result. The hand cannot fit far enough into the cuff to click into place, and therefore each time I wish to change the hand I must remove the joint with pliers, attach the hand to the bare joint, and then replace the joint. Along with this issue, the glowing eyes on the figure are a bit broken. This may be an individual design flaw, but I have had a hard time keeping the batteries firmly attached to the battery slot, often leading to a dimming or flickering effect in the eyes. In addition, the joints of the feet move a bit too easily, and without proper positioning the weight of the figure could easily result in a tip over.

Design Functionality: 7/10

My Armored Batman Hot Toy

Despite having mobility and design flaws, the figure is simply too good-looking to pass on. Hot Toys made necessary articulation sacrifices in order to ensure that the figure looked as similar to the movie version as possible, and in the end, these sacrifices are worth it. The design flaws are also easily overlooked when viewing this Hot Toy in its full majesty. The Sixth Scale Armored Batman Figure is a Hot Toys masterpiece, and in my opinion, worth every penny.

Overall Grade: 8.75/10

Jack Weldon

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