‘The Flash’ EP Teases More Killer Frost, Gypsy And Cisco

In just a few weeks, The Flash will return from its winter break, and Barry will have but one goal: to prevent the future he saw, where Savitar murders Iris, from happening.

“Now that Barry has gotten a glimpse of the future, he will be trying to do whatever it takes to save her,” says co-showrunner Aaron Helbing. Everybody will play a huge part in that because Iris is part of the team.”

However, Savitar will not be the only one causing trouble. Helbing also teased “big, exciting plans for Caitlin Snow, who will still be struggling with her Killer Frost powers, and Cisco will find “a very strong adversary” in the metahuman Gypsy, who proves to be “someone he can’t stop thinking about”.

The Flash returns to the CW on January 24, 2017.

Source: TV Line

Jonathan Warncke

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