Promo Image Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Premiere Surfaces Online

In just a little over a month, AMC’s The Walking Dead will return with the back half of its seventh season, which has been said to have a fundamentally different vibe than the first half, as Alexandria, the Hilltop, and the Kingdom will be joining forces to fight Negan and the Saviors. In a newly released promo image of the mid-season premiere, we get to see Rick and some of the other Alexandrians negotiate with Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop.

In the past, Gregory has made it very clear that he does not intend to go to war with the Saviors, however, he has also started to lose his integrity as a leader. It sure won’t take long for the charismatic Rick to convince Gregory’s community to fight alongside him.

King Ezekiel is a different kind of man, though. His people respect him and he has a lot to lose. Currently, only a handful of the people living in the Kingdom even know about the Saviors, and Ezekiel wants to keep it that way. My guess would be that Carol will come out of her isolation once she learns what happened to her friends and that she’ll be the one who convinces Ezekiel to put up a fight.

The Walking Dead returns February 12, 2017.

Source: TVLine

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