‘Rogue One’ Passes $800 Million At The Box Office

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story released in December along with positive reviews from fans and critics alike, and instantly won over a majority of audiences worldwide. Although the film was a rather untraditional Star Wars movie, it still has scored large numbers at the international and domestic box office. The film’s box office success is likely a result of both the positive resonance with global audiences and the lack of major blockbusters releasing during the December-January season.

Now, Rogue One has surpassed $800 million dollars at the box office ($817,370,302 as of today), raking in approximately 447 million$ domestically ($447,170,302 as of today). The film, while it has made nowhere near the amount of money earned by The Force Awakens, still ranks above nearly all Star Wars movies both domestically and internationally. This success should be seen as a success and a symbol of the passion audiences have for Star Wars films.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

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