‘Deadpool 2’ Budget Likely To Be Bigger

Part of the wild success of Deadpool was its ability to accurately portray the 4th-wall-breaking merc with a micro-sized budget. After finding glorious success world-wide in February 2016, fans have wondered how well the sequel would be able to manage its budget with Fox now anticipating a follow up blockbuster. It has been speculated far and wide that the reason that direct Tim Miller split from the second project is because he wanted to budget much larger for the sequel than the original, while star Ryan Reynolds wanted to keep the same type of low-budget film that made the first movie so fantastic.

Ryan Reynolds has finally addressed the topic of budget for Deadpool 2 in a recent interview with Variety.

“The budget is not going to be phenomenally bigger. Who knows? Maybe the budget will be bigger — anything can happen.”

A classically vague and deflecting answer from Deadpool himself. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at this point. What do you think? Will Deadpool 2 be able to operate under the same financial constraints as its predecessor? Let me know below.

Source: Variety

Joe Hill

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