Geoff Johns Teases The Announcement Of A New DCTV Project

To bring in the new year, Geoff Johns listed out the top five events he’s looking forward to in 2017 for DC on his twitter, and he dropped a little wink to the fans. Listing out current DCTV projects like The Flash, Green Arrow, Gotham, Legends, Lucifer, Supergirl, and the usual “and many more,” with the added “one which will be announced soon…” The ellipses are no exaggeration, he actually did put them in, and then just continued with the rest of the list.

Now, whether or not he’s referring to an already confirmed project, a next season, or a completely new project is totally up in the air. We do know that WGA America ordered a pilot for Scapled, as did Syfy for Krypton, and a Black Lightning show is in production for television, and Young Justice is making a return, but is it possible to have another show lined up without the public knowing about it? It’s not out of the realm of possibility.