Isaiah Mustafa Wants To Be In ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2

Marvel’s Luke Cage premiered it’s first season on Netflix this year and was met with great critical acclaim. With the popularity Marvel has gotten with their TV shows and movies more actors have interest in becoming apart of the ever expanding universe. Anyone that has seen a commercial for Old Spice knows who ‘The Old Spice Guy’ is, but might not know he is actor Isaiah Mustafa.

Isaiah can also be seen in Freefrom’s Shadowhunters show. had a sit down interview with Isaiah and asked him if he would ever take on a superhero role. Isaiah would be more than glad to enter the world of superheros, or to be more direct Luke Cage season 2.

“I mean, why not? Definitely, I’d play anything on that. I just love the characters so much that I really just want to be a part of it in some way. Just get an opportunity to just play in that world, but I think the direction they went was probably the best direction they could have went. But yes, I would love to be involved in any aspect of any Marvel production. It would just be fun.”

When Marvel was first doing casting for the person to play Luke Cage, Isaiah was one of the actors that was being considered for the role. He even made a fake trailer of him acting as Luke Cage to show Marvel he’s the one for the role, but Marvel went with Mike Colter instead. Next year Marvel will release Iron Fist, The Punisher, and the team-up show The Defenders to the Netflix line up. Since season 2 of Luke Cage won’t be coming out for another year or so, there is plenty of time for Isaiah to enter into the universe of Marvel.

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