‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Adam Driver Calls Script “Remarkable”

Before we get in to the news of the day, I just wanted to address the sad development of the day. Carrie Fisher has passed, and the world lost a piece of itself with her loss. She wasn’t merely known for being the saucy princess and eventual General in the Star Wars world, but was also known and respected for speaking honestly about mental health and her experiences with drug and alcohol abuse. Rest in peace Carrie Fisher, you are royalty to us and you will be missed.

With the new addition into the Star Wars world with the new episode The Force Awakens, it has opened up new questions regarding the characters we’ve been given, as well as fodder for convincing YouTube fan theories. Fans (me included) have been beside themselves with curiosity with what will be happening next. Who are Rey’s parents? Will it matter to the story in the long run? These, among a plethora of other questions, are in our minds.

Though we don’t know much of anything concerning the highly anticipated next episode in the acclaimed Star Wars universe, any tidbit of information. While the interview with Adam Driver did little to assuage our minds (would a spoiler make us feel better though?), he did say that director Rian Johnson, who will be at the helm for the next episode, is qualified for the job. He spoke highly on his ability to make a good film, and says that Episode VIII will be (paraphrasing here) awesome.

“He’s a brilliant filmmaker. And he wrote the script also, and he understands the importance of ambiguity and nuance. He wrote something that I think is remarkable.”

When asked if he “geeks out” at the prospect of playing someone so important to the driving force of the new story, he said that he does often, but tries to keep his head on his shoulders when playing Kylo.

“It is a trip! I’m not very good at analyzing it, I guess, or even making time to attach meaning to it. So much of it is luck, and timing. I work hard but I can work hard in a vacuum. I’ve been lucky to get these opportunities. It’s very surreal to me. In working on the jobs—and actually doing the thing—I block that stuff from my mind as much as possible, because it’s not good to get nostalgic or overthink it. That might be a good strength of mine: not thinking a lot. [Laughs]”

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Source: The Daily Beast