New ‘Logan’ Trailer Coming Soon; New Image Released

Logan, which debuts in March, is going to be Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine film after nearly two decades of playing the character. While fans are sad to see him go, most are incredibly hyped for this film. The first 40 minutes of the movie were shown a few weeks ago, and the screening received massive praise from the press. The first trailer, paired with Johnny Cash’s Hurt, also received great acclaim from viewers. Now, with the film only three months away, Fox seems to be gearing up to release a second trailer.  The current date from Fox Showcase Events (reported by ) is w/c January 16th. This may seem like forever for die-hard Wolverine fans, but a new image from the film has been released to tide us over. Check it out here:


This new image was released by Hugh Jackman on the 27th, and offers a look at a weary Wolverine leaning against a car.

What do you think of the new image? Are you excited for Logan? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Logan releases on March 3rd, 2017 (US).

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