Andrew Garfield Talks Issues With Playing ‘Spider-Man’

Andrew Garfield hit the ground running when he hit his first stand-out role in The Social Network directed by David Fincher. From there, he’s been in films directed by the cream of the crop of directors, from Mel Gibson in Hacksaw Ridge to Martin Scorsese in Silence. His career has been on the upside despite being pushed out of his role as Spider-Man after a lackluster second film in favor of Tom Holland after Marvel and Sony made a deal. Tom Holland has been accepted by fans and critics alike as the new Spider-Man, whereas Andrew Garfield’s didn’t do as well.

In an interview promoting his latest films, he recounted his time as the web-head and talked a bit on the difficulties he encountered with playing Peter Parker and balancing that with what the studio wanted.

[Playing Spider-Man brought] “a different set of values and a different hierarchy of priorities. And we all know what those are. I struggled with that. I wasn’t having the total experience that I remembered having.”

Remembering The Social Network as the last film that he felt that he had the ‘total experience’ he was referring to earlier. He also went on to say that he couldn’t really pour himself into the role, like he normally likes doing.

“What I realized is that I can’t help but give my full self to something. I can end up pouring myself into a bucket with a hole in it. I knew that with Martin Scorsese, he creates a container from the moment he sends you three boxes of research. By the time you show up on set, there are no leaks, and you can just inhabit the character’s journey.”

He also talked about Mel Gibson, and appreciated his directing as well.

“Mel understands the actor’s process, and gets there in a different way. I like extremes, and I’m drawn to the edges of things — it was the right time in my personal life and for me as an actor.”

Source: The Wrap