Rian Johnson Defends Prequels: What Might It Mean?

It’s a well known fact that the Star Wars prequels have not stood well against the test of time for most Star Wars fans. The dialogue was cringey or the CGI just takes you out of the film. Whatever the reason, many fans agree that those movies are not great. That doesn’t take away from the other fact though: some fans do appreciate the films, and what they were trying to convey. Personally, I think they get a bit of a bad wrap sometimes, and maybe they get judged a bit too harshly. Star Wars: Episode VIII director Rian Johnson seemed to agree with me, as brought his feelings onto Twitter in response to yet another fan’s distaste for the prequels.

He’s not wrong in his logic. Of course the movies have their missteps and failings, but it might be valid to observe the quality of some of their choices. On the other hand, we can’t be blind about it. You can enjoy a movie that’s not the greatest, and many fans forget that.

When it comes to Star Wars and the quality of their films, from the original trilogy to the newest anthology Star Wars spin-off, everyone has a opinion. “The characters are underdeveloped”, or “the lines come across flat to the ear”, or on the other side, “the Star Wars universe is the most comprehensive one ever developed on both small and big screens over the span of multiple decades”. They’re both extremes, but for some reason, we as fans have become incredibly biased concerning films that hold a lot of significance for us (or something). Johnson is trying to show people that they don’t need to hate a movie because it has some negatives, because it has some positives too.

It’s important to note as well that the prequels are part of the Star Wars universe. Perhaps Johnson is mentioning the prequels because he has a plan to incorporate something from them into the newest Episode that he is at the helm of (please, please, please don’t be Jar Jar Binks). It’s a theory that has only a few strings attached to it, but it is a possibility. We don’t know anything about what Episode VIII will be about, but we’re all fans who love to speculate here, so maybe Johnson is throwing us a bone here.

What do you think? Do you agree with Johnson? Will his attachment to the prequels take away from his ability to direct a good Star Wars movie (overkill, I know)? Was he mentioning the prequels because he wants to incorporate it somehow into the newest episode? Which characters do want to see return? Let us know all your theories about Episode VIII, likes and dislikes about the prequels, or anything else you want to talk about in the comment section below, or on our Instagram/Twitter!