‘Doctor Strange’ Writer Says Nightmare And Clea Could Appear In A Sequel

While fans initially assumed Rachel McAdams would play Clea, a disciple and frequent love interest of the Sorcerer Supreme, in this year’s Doctor Strange, that did not turn out to be true. However, the film’s writer Jon Spaihts recently revealed that Clea was definitely considered for Strange and could still appear in future sequels.

“She’s a tricky character to interpret because her uncle is a kind of fire-headed omnipotent god and she’s kind of a hot babe who studies magic. That’s a tricky relationship to bring out of a comic book and onto a movie screen,” Spaihts tells ComicBookResources, “But she’s a really compelling character as a foil, a love interest, a colleague of Doctor Strange‘s, and she always carries with her that width of mystery as to whether she is human, and how human, and what that means for his relationship with her. So we might find a way to introduce her to the story.”

In addition to Clea, the villain Nightmare was also considered as the film’s main antagonist. Nightmare is the evil ruler of the “Dream Dimension” who draws his power from the psychic energies of the subconscious minds of dreaming beings. He has gone toe to toe with both Doctor Strange and the Ghost Rider in the comics numerous times.

“[Nightmare is] one of the big ones, yes, absolutely! There’s sort of a zombie apocalypse Shuma-Gorath elder god scenario,” Spaihts explains, “There’s a kind of unreliable reality Nightmare movie that could be made. There’s a few great things, and of course, Mordo is out there, as embodied by the extraordinary Chiwetel [Ejiofor]. He can come back and bring a world of hurt at any time.”

While a Doctor Strange sequel has not been officially announced yet, it is safe to believe there will be one, given the immensely positive response to the first one. Stephen Strange will next appear in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War to help Earth’s Mightiest Heroes battle the evil titan Thanos.

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