Batman And Superman Will Argue Over Leadership In ‘Justice League’

Although Henry Cavill’s Superman died in this year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it is no surprise that he will be returning in Justice League. Not only is Superman an international icon and an irreplaceable member of the league, but he has also appeared in several promotional images for the film already.

Despite the fact that Batman and Superman went toe-to-toe in Batman v. Superman, it seems that their quarrel has not fully subsided. In a recent interview concerning the highly anticipated Justice League, Henry Cavill had this to say:

“There’s pretty much an argument between him [Superman] and Batman as to who is the leader.”

Batman, who has both assembled the league and fought crime in Gotham for twenty years likely thinks it unquestionable that he would be the leader of the superhero team. Superman, however, might have a differing opinion, considering that he is a nearly unstoppable alien whereas Batman lacks superpowers. Similar conflicts have been seen before in the Justice League animated series and in Geoff John’s Justice League, Volume One.

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Justice League hits theaters on November 17th, 2017 (US).

Jack Weldon

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