‘Doctor Strange’ Screenwriter Would Be “Delighted” To Return For A Sequel

Earlier this year, Doctor Strange set a new Marvel record: it is now the most successful origin story of the MCU, having surpassed 2008’s Iron Man. A sequel is pretty much bound to happen and has already been teased by director Scott Derrickson, and now the film’s screenwriter Jon Spaihts reveals that he would definitely return for one.

“I think Marvel would certainly be very receptive. Everything in Hollywood is a function of schedules, so it would be a matter of that thing coming around at a time when I can make some availability and everybody else’s timetables work out. I imagine they would be receptive to collaborating again, and I would certainly be delighted to get back for the workshop,” Spaihts tells The Playlist.

He goes on to explain what kind of new aspects he would like to explore in a sequel, which turn out to primarily be the different forms of magic that exist in the comics.

“I don’t know that there would just be one answer, but it would be about looking at a kind of magic, a dimension of magic. In different comic lines, we’ve explored different threads. There’s a magic in dreams. There’s chaos magic. There’s elemental magic. There’s so many ways to talk about sorcery. I’d want to look at one of those. But it’s really about matchmaking a school of magic with a villain, an antagonist, and there’s a few amazing ones that I’d love to see him meet. That’s what it would be about.”

In the post-credits scene of Doctor Strange, it was heavily teased that Baron Mordo could be a villain in a future movie, which I would find intriguing. What would you like to see in a sequel? Share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter / Instagram!

Jonathan Warncke

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