Viola Davis Talks About Working On ‘Suicide Squad’

Viola Davis has had quite successful year. She stars in the successful TV show How To Get Away With Murder, played Amanda Waller in the box office success Suicide Squad, has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Fences, and has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In Variety’s Playback Podcast, she talked about her time filming Suicide Squad, and the good time she had.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

“I loved it,” Davis says. “And I think I loved it because I didn’t think that deeply about it. I just thought it was fun. What was fun to me about Amanda Waller — who is heavy, pearls, afro — she has no superhuman strength, but absolutely just puts fear into the hearts of all these villains. That appeals to me greatly. There’s something about her for me that was familiar. I was working out the bad girl, but from a space that, for me, is based somewhat in reality. I liked playing with that power. It’s something so often not given to women, that kind of unapologetic badassery.”

Amanda Waller has always been a major player in DC Universe, and is known for her very extreme methods that make the most powerful heroes afraid of her.

Viola Davis’ villainous performance was one the highlights to the divisive film, and hopefully she returns again in an upcoming DCEU movie.

Source: Variety