Trailer For Kevin Smith Directed ‘Supergirl’ Episode Releases

The trailer for Supergirl’s  January mid season premiere has been released, and it is directed by Actor/Director/Comic book lover Kevin Smith. The title of the episode is Supergirl Lives, which is a reference to the Superman movie that almost happened called Superman Lives, which was being written by Smith himself, and also starred Nicholas Cage as Superman. Here is the trailer below:

Smith is ecstatic to be involved in the shows he loves to watch. On his Fatman on Batman podcast he talked about the opportunity, and said this:

“Andrew Kreisberg told me that the name of the episode is ‘Supergirl Lives,'” said Smith. “I’m gonna cry talking about this. The name of the script I wrote back in 1996 was called ‘Superman Lives’. That’s what they do over at that f—– Berlanti-verse. They make magic.I might get to play with Superman. They added Superman this year. You know how f—– mind bending this is for me? I was never gonna direct that Superman movie, but I did write it back in the day. To be able to work on the show where it’s like ‘Go direct Superman.’ Come on, man. I owe Andrew Kreisberg.”

This is Smith’s third directorial efforts on CW’s Arrowverse. He has directed two episodes of The Flash, and now Supergirl.  

All new episodes of Supergirl start on Monday, January 28 on the CW at 8/7c.

Source: Cinema Blend