New Creatures Rumored To Appear In ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

One of the notable aspects of the Star Wars film franchise is the inclusion of visually-interesting intergalactic species. For the most part, we’ve seen the same species reused in multiple films but a recent rumor courtesy of reveals a potential new species:

“Rumor has it the creatures have razor sharp teeth and are a mixture of the terrifying and the adorable. They’re sort of like a bird mixed with a Gremlin. Someone once said it was like the Star Wars version of a Furby, but the look and feel is so Star Wars they loved it. Basically combine a puffin, a Furby, and Star Wars it up and you have yourself an idea of what this creature is.  They’re tiny–maybe 15 inches tall or so. I was apprehensive when I first heard “Furby,” but no one speaking of the design has anything bad to say about it. In fact, those that have seen the tiny puppets on set are overjoyed by their presence in the film.”

The species is said to be living where Luke has been in seclusion for so long. Perhaps they will have a similar role to that of the Ewoks, or perhaps they will just be included for background use. Furbies are not a fan favorite of many, so it is interesting to say the least that these creatures are referred to as “the Star Wars version of a Furby”. Only time will tell if these beings will even make it into the film, but be sure to stay tuned for updates!

What do you guys think? Judging by the description, do you want these creatures to appear in Episode VIII? Are you curious as to what a Star Wars Furby looks like? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!