‘Star Wars’ Opening Crawl Creator Says It’s “Foolish” That ‘Rogue One’ Didn’t Have One

Since 1977’s Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, the famous opening crawl has been an iconic part of the franchise, explaining the setting of the film to audiences and giving a general idea of what had previously happened and what was going to happen.

The newly released spin-off Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was the first ever Star Wars movie to not have an opening crawl; instead, a simple title screen was used. The creator of the original A New Hope opening crawl, Dan Perri, recently spoke with HeatVision and voiced his unrest about Rogue One breaking the tradition.

“Frankly, it is a huge mistake, because the image is so iconic and it’s so important to tens of millions, hundreds of millions of fans. I couldn’t imagine it starting without that. It’s foolish.”

I agree with Perri on this. Obviously, the opening crawl is iconic and belongs to the Star Wars universe just like space battles and lightsabers do, but I also feel like Rogue One heavily relied on the fact that audiences know about both the original trilogy and the prequels, episodes I-III. However, there’s a whole new generation alive now than was back in the day, and therefore, an opening crawl would’ve helped those largely unfamiliar with the franchise get a better idea of what’s going on and why.

Perri also recalled working with George Lucas on the opening crawl for A New Hope:

“I had no idea what he was doing, so it was just this stupid space film. I didn’t think anything of it. Everything I showed him, he didn’t like. So I was constantly going out there with new ideas, and he would tell me to look at certain films. The BuckRogers films and all the serials from the ’30s that he was using for inspiration.”

Do you think Rogue One should’ve had an opening crawl, even though it’s not technically part of the Episode format and the Skywalker saga? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter / Instagram!

Source: HeroicHollywood

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