DC Fan Clarifies Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Promo Comments

Recently, a DC fan met Zack Snyder and took to Instagram to post a selfie with the director of next year’s Justice League movie. In the caption of the Instagram post the fan inserted a quote from Snyder who said that the promo for Justice League was coming “REAL SOON!”. Checkout the Instagram post below…


Understandably, numerous sites ran with the story that a Justice League promo was arriving this month, however the fan has since posted a video on YouTube clarifying that the part about the promo arriving specifically “the end of this month” was a sarcastic yet hopeful comment from himself instead of Snyder, and that Zach Snyder never actually specified that the promo would be arriving this month. Check out the YouTube video below…

This doesn’t mean that a Justice League promo won’t be arriving this month, perhaps Snyder might release something as a Christmas present to all the eager DC fans waiting to see another look at Justice League.

Justice League hits theatres on November 17th of November 2017!

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Source: YouTube