‘Why Him’ Spoiler-Free Movie Review

‘Why Him’ is a comedy film written and directed by John Hamburg, also written by Jonah Hill and starring James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Megan Mullally and Zoe Deutch.

The film revolves around Zoe Deutch’s character, Stephanie attempting to get the approval of her father Ned (Cranston) for her eccentric foul-mouthed multimillionaire boyfriend Laird (Franco). What ensues is a funny romp about love, life, and changing times.

The cast of this movie works very well together. Cranston and Franco play off of each other tremendously and the entire cast has chemistry. Pretty much every joke sticks the landing and the film flows together well from scene to scene. While most of the jokes are funny, there is nothing groundbreaking in terms of comedy. If gross out lewd humor is your style, you’ll enjoy this film. While it is a generic comedy it does have a lot of heart, mostly from Franco’s character trying to navigate the minefield that is Bryan Cranston and gain his approval in ways that are not so conventional or appropriate.

In all, this is a rather generic comedy film, heightened by its cast, their ability to deliver the jokes and a whole lot of heart. I give this film a 7/10.

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