Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Discuss How Star-Lord And Mystique Would React To One Another

While promoting their latest movie, Passengers (check out our review here), Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence were asked by how a meeting of their respective Marvel characters would go about. Although this is highly unlikely, as Pratt’s Star-Lord and Lawrence’s Mystique exist in two entirely different cinematic universes, the actors played along. This was their conversation:

Pratt: “Probably go to the bar with Arthur.”

Lawrence: “Maybe hit the gym.”

Pratt: “Mystique would kill Peter Quill on the first day?”

Lawrence: “You probably wouldn’t like her. Who would?”

Pratt: “I will tell you who would! Peter Quill. The dude has hooked up with all kinds of fem-aliens.”

Lawrence: “Right. She is not dissimilar from Zoe Saldana. He could probably charm her.”

Pratt: “It would be love.”

This question came at a convenient time, as Lawrence recently stated that she would actually prefer a Mystique appearance in a future Guardians Of The Galaxy movie over another X-Men role – which is almost guaranteed to not happen but hey, one can hope!

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Jonathan Warncke

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