‘Passengers’ Spoiler Free Review!

Passengers in one sentence is a romantic, charming movie that takes place in the beautiful scenery of space.

The performances in the movie from all the actors went beyond expectation. Chris Pratt(Jim Preston) is a character that you learn to love rather quickly. Pratt brings a certain charm to all of his roles that makes it hard not to love his characters and he does it again with this performance. Jennifer Lawrence(Aurora Lane) is a very typical basic love interest for the role but that isn’t to say her performance was bad. Michael Sheen plays an android that’s fun and definitely a comedic relief with some very fun lines. Lawrence Fishburne (Gus [I can’t remember his last name]) is a Captain on the ship but has a very small part in the film. For the small amount of time he had, Gus was a very basic leader type character.

I can’t speak for all of you but when I saw the trailer I predicted the plot for the movie. Hoping I was wrong and that there would be more to it. Sadly the movie was exactly as I predicted but it was still a fun and charming adventure in space with two very likeable characters.

For what the movie lacks in its plots predictability, it’s definitely makes up for with its characters and I’ve said it a lot but with its charm as well. You have a hard time not smiling while in this movie and if you get the chance I very much suggest you take a trip to your theatre to see it.

I give this movie a solid 7/10 score.

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