Tony Stark’s Mansion Concept Art Revealed

Concept artist Phil Saunders (Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America: Civil War, Tron: Legacy, Spiderman 3, and Cowboys & Aliens) has released the concept art for Tony Stark’s mansion on his Facebook.

Phil shared a few words about the reason why he released the concept art and also a few thoughts on it.

“I’m probably still contacted once every couple of months by fans wanting to model the Stark residence in 3-D, and while I can’t provide any of the plans or elevations (those were further developed by brilliant set designer Kevin Cross,) I figured I’d make all of my concept illustrations available in one place. As I’ve mentioned in many places previously, this design was always conceptually meant to be a “lost” design by celebrated architect John Lautner, perched at the edge of Point Dume, a coastal California State Park location in Malibu. As such, the general feeling of the design as well as some details were liberally cribbed from Lautner’s existing homes to add verisimilitude. So if you want to be really impressed, you owe it to yourselves to study the master himself. No fantasy architecture can compare to experiencing those spaces for real. Shout outs to the aforementioned Kevin Cross, the late, great production designer Michael Riva, and of course John Lautner, the architect of who’s astounding buildings this is but a poor imitation”

You can find the gallery of the concept art here. His website also has links to various projects he’s done before.