Gareth Edwards and Donnie Yen Discuss The Force’s Role In ‘Rogue One’

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the first film in the franchise to not feature Jedi Knights. Despite this, the Force is touched on fairly frequently. Gareth Edwards recently talked about the inclusion of the Force in the film, and why it plays such a big role in the franchise:

“I think without the Force as a spiritual bedrock of Star Wars. We knew that we didn’t have specifically the Jedi in the movie because the timeline we’re in, but I wanted that belief and I wanted it to be talked about and brought up. One of the places we made sure the characters would go through was the Star Wars equivalent of Mecca or Jerusalem – Like a pilgrimage people go to who believe in the Force and when we get there, people are oppressed and the Empire’s taken over.

I feel like, at that particular point in the story people are losing their faith in the Force and have this feeling like, ‘No one is coming to help us. It’s all a load of nonsense and we’ve got to do something ourselves.’ “

This is capitalizes on the “May the Force be with you” mantra heard through all of franchise’s films, and no character is more in tune with it in Rogue One than Donnie Yen’s Chirrut Îmwe. Yen has also spoken specifically about his character’s connection with the Force:

“Well, what is the Force? It’s really all in how you interpret the Force. As a person who, in nature, he is not fully capable, he fumbles because of his blindness. If he was that skilled, obviously he’s got something special. So what is that?”

As seen in the film, Chirrut is constantly repeating “I am the Force, the Force is with me” and this broadens the spectrum a bit as to where the Force spans its reaches. Through Chirrut, we see that it is not only some power within Jedi Knights, but rather a faith for many to believe in.

Rogue One is in theaters now!

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Source: Screen Rant