Batman’s Upgraded Armor Display Teases Possible ‘Justice League’ Title

Earlier this week, social media was surprised to see new photos of Batman’s armored suit hit the internet. The new photos revealed the same concept that the Caped Crusader donned in his debut, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but something looked different. The armor was redesigned and had a sleeker look than what audiences saw during the movie. The photo itself was a model of Batman’s head wearing the armor. Here’s a look at some of photos below:


While the new photos are certainly welcomed considering news about the DCEU is extremely scarce these days due to Warner Bros. policy of keeping things close to the chest, one thing might’ve accidentally been revealed when these photos were released. If you take a closer look at the words written on the black tablet under the model head, you’ll notice this:

Let the speculation run wild. Anyone reading this article is more than likely a fan of DC and their comic properties which means the name Apokolips isn’t necessarily something new. Apokolips is the name of Darkseid’s home planet and the fact that the model head resembles Ben Affleck’s probably means that the planet will be making an appearance in the DCEU. This could potentially mean several things.

For starters, we could be seeing the Justice League heading over to the planet for a final battle with either Darkseid or Steppenwolf depending on what movie it is. To assume that the title for the 2017 team-up movie includes the word Apokolips could mean audiences could be seeing Darkseid sooner than they think. Other theories suggest this is the title for the second Justice League movie, set to release in 2019. How the heroes will travel to the planet remains a mystery but one theory suggests that Cyborg will have the ability to transport himself through space and time via Boomtube. This theory is based off of Cyborg’s traveling ability in the animated movie Justice League: War. More information and speculation about the planet and Justice League movie will be provided as Comic Drops receive them.


Source: Batman News

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