New ‘Justice League Dark’ Animated Movie Clip Features Constantine

Ever since we learned the rating of Justice League Dark fans have been clamoring for more info, especially due to the fact that it’s rated R. Luckily for any of those fans, we now have a short clip from the movie that features John Constantine playing cards with a table full of demons, showing off his house of mystery, and being witty as usual. The clip comes from DC All Access, who provided a clip from the movie along with interviews with actors.

You can view the clip below:

Matt Ryan, the man who voices Constantine commented on how his character will be acting during the movie, and how he will fit on the team.

“In Justice League Dark, Constantine is reluctantly pulled into a group of people who have to save the world with Batman. As in general Constantine fashion he is reluctant to do it, but ultimately he obliges”

In addition to discussing how Constantine fits in with the team, Ryan also discussed how the relationship between Zatanna and John Constantine will work with the R Rating. Ryan says that we will see some of John’s inner kindness, as he has a rather intimate relationship with Zatanna.

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