‘Game Of Thrones’ Spin-Off Being Discussed, Says HBO CEO

Even though we’re still six months away from the seventh season of the stellar show, Game of Thrones, everyone that’s a fan would enjoy an interesting bit of news every now and then. The most recent reveal is that a spin-off of the show has been confirmed by HBO’s boss and is still in development. The spin-off will also be based off of George R.R. Martin’s books and that’s good news for fans of the show/books considering the tone of the show is what separates it from other competitors and the books are filled with excessive detail to the point where the spin-off could probably take place in the same time period without disturbing the canon of the show already.

Other theories for the show include a prequel revolving around Ned Stark and his sister and how Jon Snow’s true parentage came to be. After his parentage was revealed during the closing episodes of season 6, fans have been clamoring for more details about the illicit relationship. Extending the franchise is a natural no-brainer considering the worldwide success of the show. It has not only become well known on a global scale, it is nothing short of a pop culture icon. HBO Richard Plelpner had more to say about the spinoff’s development:

“There might be some brand extension [for GOT] that would be exciting. It certainly has not escaped the producers. Right now we’re focused on finishing the series with the kind of energy and excitement that everyone has come to expect. We’re going to do that while at the same time parallel processing very embryonic stages of other possibilities.”

Season 7 of the show is the second to last season after it was announced that it would be ending after season 8. After a few delays, Game of Thrones is set to return during the summer of 2017. Do you think the show getting a spin-off is a cash grab or would you like to see it continue? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Comicbook.com

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