Chris Pratt Discusses ‘GOTG: Vol 2’

Marvel is stepping it up this year. Fans will now get watch three movies instead of waiting for bi-annual releases as they did before. To start things off in the newly adjusted release schedule, we’re getting the sequel to the stellar Guardians of The Galaxy movie, Spider-Man’s first solo outing in the MCU, and a climax of sorts come autumn in Thor: Ragnarok. All three of those movies are special in their own ways but the first installment of 2017 seems to be more special than most for a few reasons.

The sequel will explore Peter Quill’s (played by Chris Pratt) parentage, a slowly developing romance between adopted daughter of Thanos Gamora and Peter himself, and a baby Groot to top it all off. Even though the Guardians are well off without the inclusion of any characters from the MCU, it wouldn’t feel the same if they weren’t included. Chris Pratt has a lot to say about this new movie and is definitely not shying away from saying it’ll be one of the best movies Marvel has made yet. He also praised his director, James Gunn, in the process:

“It’s bigger and better than the first movie in every way. And that’s saying a lot because I think the first movie is really good.” James Gunn is the auteur, he is the man behind Guardians of the Galaxy. He wrote the movie, he directed the movie, the first one and the second one. So this is completely his vision. In my opinion, there is no equal in Hollywood. I think he is the best I have ever worked for, and with. And I owe so much to him. Really. And, it’s him.”

The countdown continues until the out-of-this-world (literally) sequel drops on May 5th, 2017. Are you excited for this movie? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: iEarths

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