Riz Ahmed Defends ‘Star Wars’ Prequels

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is technically a Star Wars prequel, as it takes place right before the original movies. The last Star Wars prequels definitely turned to be divisive movies. Some think they were terrible, and others appreciate what George Lucas was bringing to the table. In an interview with ScreenCrush Rogue One star Riz Ahmed, who plays Imperial Pilot defector Bodhi Rook, actually defends the prequels.

“I did not have a massive problem with the prequels at all,” said Ahmed. “There were some elements that stood out. Jar Jar Binks, I didn’t enjoy him as a character. But people had a problem with them because they weren’t broad and tough and cheek. I enjoy that. I enjoy the fact that it was about grown-up politics and the dissolution of the League of Nations and World War and the rise of fascism. I really enjoyed that, and I really enjoyed Clone Wars.” 

Riz Ahmed as Bodhi Rook

A lot of fans who appreciate the prequels would agree with Ahmed that Lucas brought a lot of new things into the Star Wars mythology. Without the prequels, there would no Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which a lot people love. Ahmed also enjoyed the fact that the movies were different than the original.

“I really don’t see what the big problem is, to be quite honest,” Ahmed said. “If all Star Wars movies were the same, it’d be boring. I hope each new movie adds a new dimension, and I think that’s certainly what Rogue One does.”

Ahmed seems to like when Star Wars does new things. When asked what his favorite one is, he said this:

“I prefer The Empire Strikes Back because it’s a little bit darker, I guess, in the same way I feel proud of this film. It’s got quite an edge to it, yeah. That’s what I’ll say.”

Empire seems to be the fan favorite. What do you think of the prequels? Are they the worst movies ever? Who’s seeing this movie this weekend

Source: ComicBook.com