Fat Joey Says Negan’s Reaction To His Death Will Be “Vengeful”

While Fat Joey, one of Negan’s henchmen known and named for his girth, was not a huge character, he was killed by Daryl and left to be found by any of the Saviors. Eventually, Negan will find out about this, and based on his reaction to people killing his people in the past, he won’t be reacting in the best way.

Joshua Hoover, who plays Fat Joey, shed some light on what Negan’s response might possibly be.

“I know what happens so I can’t really talk about it too much.”

He did have something to say though, and said that we shouldn’t expect a happy reaction to the death of Fat Joe.

“The thing is, you guys are the ones that did the article about Fat Joseph having a little bit more meaning. Not even just for the technical stuff but he doesn’t talk to a lot of the Saviors. Negan doesn’t interact with a lot of the Saviors as much as you see. You have hundreds of guys that are down there in that Sanctuary. I felt lucky to have a lot of screen tie with Negan and do the scenes that we had. He’s definitely gonna be upset. He might be vengeful. I don’t know all that happens but I know that he has some few choice words to say about it.”

We have until February to find out what words he will use when he finds out about Joey, but we at least know it won’t be good, and most definitely entertaining.

Source:  Comicbook.com