Ben Affleck Reveals Spring Shooting Date For ‘The Batman’!

In a recent interview for his latest film, Live By Night, Ben Affleck to some time to speak with Variety about his next film, The Batman.

For awhile all we heard from Affleck was that the script was still being worked on, with no hints as to when the film will begin shooting or even be released. We got our first clue from the film’s big bad, Joe Mangienello/Deathstroke, a few weeks ago saying they would begin filming this year (2017). Now we have it on good authority from Affleck himself that the film should commence principal photography in the spring. A quote from the Variety article states,

“Affleck indicated that he expected the film will begin shooting in the Spring.”

Then we are given a quote from Affleck himself saying,

“We’re on the right track with that and everything is coming together. We’re still finishing up a script. I’m very excited.”

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