‘Arrow’ Showrunner Speaks Out On Laurel Lance’s Fate

Warning: Massive Spoilers For The Mid-Season Finale Of ‘Arrow’ Follow!

At the end of last week’s Arrow mid-season finale, Oliver Queen unexpectedly found Laurel Lance hiding out in the Arrowcave, despite her apparent death at the end of season four. Of course, fans are wondering how she got back, if this is really the Laurel we know, and how big of a role she will have going forward.

In a recent TV Line Facebook live stream, editor-in-chief Michael Ausiello was asked just how emotional Laurel’s full return will be in the mid-season premiere, which will be titled Who are you?

“Laurels return will be a 9 [out of ten] on the emotional scale, that’s what [executive producer] Wendy Mericle told me. She said to me specifically that the Laurel storyline – or should we say “Laurel” -, depends on what you believe…”

Ausiello stopped to confirm that eventually it will be confirmed which version of Laurel Lance this is, but not necessarily in the very next episode. He went on…

“That storyline, as a whole, will have an emotional resonance for not just Oliver, but Oliver and Felicity. Felicity, actually, is going to be the biggest skeptic about “Laurel” while Oliver is a little bit more into seeing his old friend again, under whatever circumstances he thinks she came back.”

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind that could be a reason for her return is “Flashpoint”. There is, however, one mistake there: if Laurel never died because of Flashpoint, no one would be surprised to see her alive again. Back in October, though, Mericle teased that “Flashpoint” does, in fact, play at least a small role.

“I can tell you that we’re really excited about having her back. You will see in the episodes where she appears – Episode 510 definitely, our midseason premiere. Keep your eyes out for that. We’re so excited about getting to work with her again and her willingness to come back. It’s one of the fun parts of the show. People can leave and get killed and you can still find new and crazy ways for them to come back. I can definitely tell you that there’s a way we’re going to bring her back and she’s going to be alive and well. And Flashpoint might have a little bit to do with that.”

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