‘Deadshot’ Film And ‘Suicide Squad 2’ In Development

Suicide Squad sequel, and a Deadshot spin off movie starring Will Smith are currently in development.

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Will Smith as Deadshot

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news today along with the news about Gotham City Sirens, starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and will also feature Poison Ivy and Catwoman. As of right now David Ayer is not attached to direct the second Suicide Squad, as he is going to be directing Gotham City Sirens.

A sequel to Suicide Squad was bound to happen, because while it wasn’t critically acclaimed, it still made a lot of money. It’s interesting that the two characters who were most praised are getting their own solo movies. It’ll be interesting to see which characters join the skwad in the next outing.

It’s interesting Deadshot was announced, because no one really expected that. It’ll be interesting because Will Smith is known to be an action star, so a role starring his assassin character will definitely be worth a watch.

These movies have no release date, and only Gotham City Sirens will be released somewhat soon, as that is the only movie DC is fast tracking.

Source: Hollywood Reporter