Kotobukiya Releases Images Of New ArtFX Agent Venom Statue

Kotobukiya does not disappoint when it comes to their statues, and the next character they’re pumping out is none other than Flash Thompson’s Agent Venom. This character came about once the venom symbiote was merged with Thompson following his legs being blown off of his body in Afghanistan.

The sculpt of the statue is immaculate, capturing details such as the texture of the armor and wrinkles in the suit. The paint throughout is fairly flat but clean. Personally, I believe the stance picked could’ve been a bit more organic  to the character, perhaps aiming his guns or taking the guns from their holsters. All in all, this seems like it will be a good addition to any statue collection, especially those who are a fan of this character.

The statue is set to be released June of next year.

What do you guys think? Will you be picking this guy up? Do you think anything could’ve been added to it? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: Infinite Earthshttp://iearths.blogspot.ca/2016/12/agent-venom-artfx-statue-unveiled.html