Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says Negan Could Be Around For “Another Four Years”

If the previous seasons of The Walking Dead have been an indication, fans may have thought that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) would meet his end in the final episode of season 7 next year, but according to Morgan, if the show is to follow the comics, that may not be the case…

“I think like, why wouldn’t you? Much to the cast chagrin, like ‘Oh no!’ We’ll see how long Negan is around for. You know in the comics, he’s still alive and kicking, and I want to say in the comic books they’re around #160 – anybody know? – right around #157, #158? Yeah, #156. In the show I want to say we’re at 104, 105 – something like that? So you can see now, if we do that math, that technically Negan would be around for at least another four years, if the show were to go that long. Yeah, half of you are like ‘Oh no! How many more monologues do I gotta hear this guy say? [Laughs]”

Every time Negan is on screen, a lot of fans are mesmerised by what they see. Morgan brings such a presence to the character that fans love to watch. The Walking Dead television show has followed Negan in the comics pretty faithfully, especially when it comes to dialogue. In the comics, Rick ends up letting Negan live after the war and Negan ends up joining Rick’s people. This would certainly be an interesting turn for Morgan’s character. A careful decision needs to be made by the end of the current season: does the show kill Negan and give fans the justice they have been waiting for ever since the premiere episode? OR do they have someone as dangerous as Negan join Rick’s people as a prisoner and watch him suffer for a while longer?

You can check out the full interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan below..

What do you think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s comments? Do you want to see Negan killed by the end of the season? Or would you rather see the character for years to come? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Instagram and Twitter!

Source: BUILD Series Youtube