Disney CEO Talks About Future ‘Star Wars’ Films

It looks like Disney is going all in when it comes to the future of its beloved franchise Star Wars. In an interview with Variety, Disney CEO Bob Iger commented on the future films of the franchise. See the interview below.


“We’ve made ‘Star Wars VIII, shot ‘Star Wars VIII’. The title will be announced at some point,” said Iger. “That comes out in 2017. And then we have another standalone film, which is the origin story of Han Solo, that will come out in 2018. 2019 will be ‘Star Wars IX, with director Colin Trevorrow. That’s being written. We have another standalone ‘Star Wars’ story that’s in development, and we don’t have any other specifics to share with the world right now, but I can guarantee there will be more ‘Star Wars’ films.

It seems like Iger is confident that there will be more Star Wars films post-2020. There’s definitely a lot to look forward to in the next four years of this franchise, and people shouldn’t worry about Star Wars going away anytime soon.

Fans are wondering what that solo film in 2020 is going to be, and have been asking for either an Obi-Wan film or a Boba Fett one. The possibilities are endless for these solo films, and it can literally be about anything at any time in the universe

Source: ScreenRant (via Variety)