Finn Jones Was Brought To ‘Iron Fist’ On His Last Day On ‘Game Of Thrones

Fans of geek culture probably knew Finn Jones before he was cast as the titular character in the upcoming Marvel/Netflix show Iron Fist – as Loras Tyrell, he was also a part of HBO’s Game Of Thrones for six years. His character died in this year’s season six finale, however, Jones doesn’t really seem to be bothered by that.

“I’ve been doing this for six years and I was ready to move on,” he reveals in an interview with ET Online. “The Tyrells were never meant to stick around until the end. It was good they went out the way they did.”

In fact, Jones learned of his Iron Fist involvement on his very last day on set of Game Of Thrones; although he initially thought the project’s codename Kick meant it had something to do with football, but once he found out the truth and delved into the character of Danny Rand / Iron Fist, his skepticism turned into excitement.

“The more I read it, the more it deeply sunk into me. At that moment, I was like, ‘F**k, this is the one,'” Jones explains.

A practitioner of meditation himself, Jones is the perfect fit for the role. Danny Rand is a billionaire Buddhist monk who excels in martial arts and can also summon the power of the Iron Fist. This unique personality is what really sparked Jones’ interest.

“I find that superheroes are very macho and it’s all about them smashing up stuff,” he says, “Whereas Danny has these inner, powerful energies.”

Iron Fist is set to release on Netflix March 17, 2017, and Jones will reprise the role later that year in The Defenders.

Jonathan Warncke

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