‘Justice League 2’ Has Been Pushed Back

Justice League has finished filming, and it would seem obvious Jack Snyder’s next movie would be it’s sequel. But Snyder has decided to change focus for a thriller that has been in development since the mid-2000s. The new movie Snyder will be directing is called The Last Photograph. To make room for Ben Affleck’s stand-alone Batman movie, the studios had to push back Justice League 2 for a later date.

And since Snyder now has an open schedule for a smaller production he will have time to shoot his long awaited feature. After Snyder was done with 300 the rights lapsed, and currently a new deal is being made. Snyder and his friend Kurt Johnstad wrote the movie and will do some rewrites before it is shot. Back in 2011 Christian Bale and Sean Penn were cast as the stars for the film, but currently no one is set to star. Snyder looks to repackage the movie to pitch to Warner Bros.

Even though Snyder is tackling this project he still has interest directing Justice League 2. The Last Photograph takes place in Afghanistan and is about a war correspondent who is the only one that survives an attack. But when he meets a special ops soldier in search of a family member he decides to team up with him.

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