Jeffrey Dean Morgan Views Negan As A Hero

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been constantly recognized recently for his amazing acting ability, specifically in the role of Negan. He is able to change himself to play his character in such an amazing way, you can clearly see how much he enjoys this type of role. 

Negan is one of the most notorious villains to ever be in The Walking Dead, but according to Morgan, he isn’t a villain. Morgan discusses how the perspective of fans would change if they had been following Negan since the start, he says: 

“Negan would be our hero, and no one would be mad at Negan right now. They would just think, ‘Wow what a guy look at how he keeps everyone alive. He’s so funny and sweet, I love his baseball bat.”

If you really think, you can see it from Negan’s perspective, but due to how the show has portrayed their characters, it’s difficult to change the way we view our favorite characters. 

The Walking Dead airs on AMC Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

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