Details For ‘Batwoman Begins’ Rebirth Series Revealed

DC Rebirth has been a huge success with a variety of amazing series’, that leave fans asking more. There has been one flaw with Rebirth though, and that is the fact that many important characters haven’t been able to shine. 

Luckily, DC will be addressing these issues, by giving many of these characters series’ in 2017. One of these series’ coming will be ‘Batwoman Begins’. Kate Kane will be getting her own series, by Marguerite Bennett and James Tynion IV, and illustrated by Ben Oliver and Steve Epting. 

Writer Marguerite Bennett was asked how she feels about Kate Kane in the bat family, and how she feels about the character in general.

 “There has never been a heroine I have loved more than Batwoman, her flaws, her ferocity, her struggle to rise above her own history and find a way to serve the greater good and those she loves—she’s always cut me straight to the bone. To be a queer woman and to see a queer woman as not just a part but a pillar of the Bat-family was life changing, inspiring and gave me the courage to pursue this career in comics. The opportunity to add to Kate Kane’s story and legacy is both an honor and a sincere dream        come true.”

In addition to this, Mark Doyle, Batman Group Editor said:

“Batwoman is yet another example of the character depth, richness and diversity present in Gotham City, fans have really responded to her role in Detective Comics, and we all love Kate here in the Bat-office, so that made it an easy choice to return her to a solo series.”

This series is expected to hit stores in February, and is expected to perform amazingly well based on how fans have reacted so far. 

You can view the two covers for Issue 1 below:

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