Expect Two ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailers Tonight!

Yesterday Marvel officially announced that the first trailer for next year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming will be debuting tonight on Jimmy Kimmel! The trailer will obviously be going online shortly after fans see it on the show but Marvel studio’s president Kevin Feige has revealed that there will be two versions of the trailer that will go online…

The first trailers will be unveiled online Thursday night — one domestic (premiering on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and one international, with a few different shots and lines of dialogue between them. “Enough where I thought it would be fun for people to see both,” producer and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Judging by previous films that have put out a domestic trailer and an international trailer at the same time, such as Logan, as Kevin Feige said there won’t be a huge difference between the two. The trailer has a runtime of about 1 minute 40 seconds so there won’t be anything staggeringly different, but if yesterday’s teaser for the teaser was any indication of how great the movie will be, we will take as much footage as we can get our hands on!

Spider-Man: Homecoming hits theatres on July 7th 2017!

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Source: USAToday