‘The Flash’ Episode 9 Mid-Season Finale Review

*Spoilers Below For Mid-Season Finale Of The Flash*

We are already half way through season 3 of The Flash and I personally don’t think they could’ve left on a higher note. Many questions regarding Savitar and Dr. Alchemy have been answered, however we also are also left with a few more questions in their place.

It has been revealed that Savitar was the first  meta to ever possess speed, and his reason for being in Central City is that Barry foils him somehow in the future, leading him to come back and try to take him out as a younger hero. This is quite similar to the motives of Reverse Flash, but the execution gives it an interesting dynamic. Savitar was able to channel himself into Julian after he unearthed the Philosopher’s Stone and bring back more metas from Flashpoint. It was interesting to see that Julian had no idea that he was Alchemy, given his bad-natured relationship with Barry and his seemingly sinister intentions. It turns out that he really is only a CSI with a general dislike of metas, and Barry, though by the end of the episode that change as Julian goes to the West household for their Christmas party. Now that he knows Barry is the Flash as well as the team’s operations being conducted in S.T.A.R. Labs, one can only wonder if he will join the team.

Though thy threw the artifact into the Speedforce, Barry was sucked into the future to find Iris die at the hands of the God of Motion because he was too slow to save her. No time frame was given for the event, but it can’t be ruled out that we might see it sometime after the show’s return. It would seem a bit lackluster to abolish both Alchemy and Savitar completely from the rest of the season by merely tossing some box away. Evidently this doesn’t work, given Barry’s future sorrow, but it would be more exciting to see Savitar come back, either by somehow obtaining the box himself, or coming back without it. He seems to have been defeated far too easily, which in the comic book genre only spells disaster later on for the hero.

Aside from the big bads, we have finally gotten to see Wally get his suit, with the name Kid Flash sticking. He and Jesse both received their costumes as gifts, which was a bit redundant, but it is probably an easier route to take as opposed to them being manifested out of the Speedforce as some speedster suits have been (including Wally’s) in the current Rebirth series of The Flash. Though we’ve seen Wally try to help out Barry previously in the season, it will be great to see them finally costumed side by side again since the tease that was Flashpoint. I’m also predicting that either Wally will travel to Earth 2 or Jesse and Wells will come back to team Flash on Earth 1 so Wally and Jesse can do some running around together as a costumed couple.

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