Star Wars VFX Supervisor Talks ‘Rogue One’ Space Battles

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is only a week away from it’s theatrical release and after The Force Awakens successfully revived the dead franchise fans cannot wait to see the movie with pre-ticket sales dominating 2016 records. Some of the shots in the trailer have looked visually beautiful and John Knoll, the visual effects supervisor of the film spoke with Comic Book about which were his favourite scenes to work on…

There’s a big space battle; that was a lot of fun to do, too. We all felt the same [emotional response] here. I love the original designs of the ships, you know. Especially as we are trying to make new things like the new TIE fighter and the U-wigs and things that kind of fit into that aesthetic – we want it to look like, ‘Yes, this came form the same factory that the X-wings came from. The reason I guess that car manufacturers across their whole product line, you see similar things. You know, “Okay that’s an Audi” because it’s got Audi things about it. We figured that stuff that came from Incom [a starfighter designer in the Star Wars universe], all has those same Incom things.”

Even though Star Wars: The Force Awakens was amazing, there was a lack of space-battles in the film so it was great to see that all the space-battle loving die hard ‘Star Wars’ fans out there will have their needs satisfied in just 7 day’s time.

Knoll continued…

“Honestly, the space battle was the one [thing from the Original Trilogy] I was very excited about [putting my stamp on], because I just… it’s something I really loved about the original film. To be able to get some time putting in shots of X-wings, TIE fighters, and Star Destroyers was just… they’re such great designs, and to be able to do new shots with some of the better tools we’ve got now, but with those classic designs, it’s kind of irresistible.”

And if you’re reading this worried that the trailer revealed all, Knoll gave some reassurance…

“It is just a tease, because there’s a lot that’s been held back. You have not seen all the cool stuff, there’s la lot that isn’t there.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theatres on December 16th 2016!

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