Next ‘X-Men’ Movie Begins Production In 2017

After the X-Men: First Class trilogy ended this year fans have been wondering what’s to come next for the uncanny mutants. After the events of X-Men: Apocalypse it is speculated the next movie will be about The Dark Phoenix Saga. And there have also been rumors about a rebooting of the movie franchise. Whatever direction Fox is going for, they have set up production offices in Montreal to prepare for a May 2017 shoot.

Le Journal De Montreal from Den of Geek made a report confirming on a rumor last year that the movie would be shoot around that time. Fox is looking to release the movie sometime in 2018. Deadpool 2 is set to be released in 2018 as well. And since the first Deadpool movie never said what X-Men timeline it was connected to it could be possible that it syncs up with the next X-Men movie.

Logan also comes out March 3, 2017 too fill your need until these next movies come out. How does everyone feel about Fox’s new X-Men movies? Would you rather see the mutants be a part of the MCU instead? Sound off in the comments below or on our Instagram and Twitter!