‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Danay Garcia Talks Playing Luciana

When she was introduced to Fear The Walking Dead in season 2b, Luciana (played by Danay Garcia) quickly became a fan favorite. She is fearless and willing to stand up to anybody, but she also has a heart, and that’s what makes her such a compelling character. At the end of season two, Luciana and Nick left the Colonia, the community they had been living in and started heading towards the American border again.

In an exclusive interview with Comicbook.com, Garcia reflected on what it was like playing Luciana and what kind of a woman that character really is.

“[…] in order to play a person that is fearless, you need to feel the fear first in order to overcome it and that’s what makes her human. That’s what makes her real. That’s what makes her back to this earth and reality. It’s not just a character that is like Superman that has super powers. No, she overcomes her obstacles with grace and with obviously survival instincts and this badass attitude that comes out of her. It comes out of overcoming what’s really a pain that she is overcoming, and she does the best she could do. […].

It’s a good example for women, and for guys. For anybody. You’re not born a badass. We all have points of breaking down, which she has in the show. She has all these layers and then she becomes a monster.”

At this point, I think the number of powerful women on the show is Fear The Walking Dead‘s greatest strength. Madison, Alicia, and Luciana make for very intriguing characters with potential that we haven’t seen with, say, Rick Grimes. Rick is a man, and with that comes a certain stereotype that he almost has to fulfill. We’ve seen the same happen with Travis on FTWD.

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